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2016 Winner of the Global Security News Homeland Security Award for Best Asset Tracking with Pairing Technology

Our Mission Is to Deliver Real-Time Security Solutions Integrating Leading Edge Technologies That Can Mitigate Exposure During Dynamic Security Events.

EmergenZ™ Enterprise Solutions

EmergenZ™ identifies threats using cutting-edge sensor technologies, wireless data and advanced analytics, enabling security professionals to respond using enhanced situational intelligence and to mitigate emergency events.




EmergenZ™ Asset Secure

EmergenZ Asset Secure

Security personnel and facility managers require immediate and accurate location data to improve the management of inventory and secure their valuable assets. EmergenZ™ Asset Secure significantly reduces the manual tasks involved with identifying and locating assets, monitoring their use and maintaining a history that can improve inventory tracking and utilization.

Management can access real-time location data that is never static. This allows facilities to quickly account for their assets 24/7, anywhere, anytime! Immediate alerts are sent if an asset is taken outside of the predesignated zones.

Immediately Identifies & Detects Assets and Sends Alerts if They Leave an Authorized Perimeter or Zone

Immediately Identifies & Detects Assets

The Solution Provides the Capabilities To:

  • Identify & account for real-time location of assets
  • Access up to the minute location data
  • Have multi-mode access including wireless
  • View location data by individual zone, multiple zones & other predesignated criteria
  • Configure flexible out of zone monitoring
  • View dynamic on demand real-time reports
  • Achieve 24/7 accountability, inventory tracking & history of asset utilization
  • Compliment cost effective integration with other security systems (cameras, alarms, etc.)

Our open infrastructure provides 24/7 cloud-based Machine to Machine (M2M) Software as a Service (SaaS) security solutions that are portable, self-sustaining and interoperable with other systems. It delivers critical business intelligence needed during emergency and other operational facility events. OSVH is committed to delivering security options that maximize the capabilities of M2M and offer affordable, open, highly scalable solutions – solutions that never seemed possible before.

EmergenZ™ Evacuation Solutions

24/7 Accountability of Your Most Valuable Assets – Your People

Emergency response teams and security personnel need accurate location data to identify if people have exited or may still be inside a facility. EmergenZ Evacuation detects and sends location reports to command centers and kiosks in muster/assembly areas. Upon arrival, responders immediately have access to real-time location reports that account for everyone that has exited the building. Heightened situational awareness that saves time also can save lives!

EmergenZ™ Evacuation Accounts for Whether People Have Exited or May Be Still Inside a Facility

  • Identify & account for everyone that has exited a facility
  • Access to real-time on demand location snapshots
  • Real-time reports for every designated entrance/exit location
  • Enhanced decision making during dynamic emergency situations
  • Optional coverage for elevators, stairwells, utilities or hazardous material areas and key emergency contacts
EmergenZ Evacuation

EmergenZ™ Response Solutions

EmergenZ™ Response Solutions

Detects & Maps Where People Are Located in Any Affected Area During an Emergency Event

  • Dimensional maps of actual floor plans for every covered location
  • On demand updates to verify if locations have changed
  • Data for rooms, hallways, closets, roofs, and parking areas including details on window and door locations, composition and how to unlock them
  • Enhanced decision making during dynamic emergency situations
  • EmergenZ™ Response emergency procedures heighten situational awareness that saves lives

EmergenZ™ Outdoor Secure

Accurately detects intrusion & virtually eliminates false alerts caused by vibration, random movement and average temperature variations.

  • Specialized dual technologies detect both presence and movement
  • Dynamic radio mesh network
  • Immediate zone notifications to anyone, anywhere when a breach occurs
  • Wireless communications gateway with management access from any device
  • Open interoperable API’s that integrate with other security technologies
  • Consistent reliability & performance in severe environmental conditions
  • Eliminate connected power source restrictions
  • Heightened situational awareness that significantly reduces a facility’s vulnerabilities from unauthorized access
EmergenZ™ Outdoor Secure

The Value Proposition

Concerns about interoperability, 24/7 staffing support, ongoing data center costs, high maintenance efforts, extensive training – Gone.
We can do most of the heavy lifting for you.

The Value Proposition

Mitigate Risks:
Situational Awareness

Inclusive emergency management always involves prevention, preparedness, response & recovery. We add another vital component: real-time location intelligence that allows response teams to identify the location of people they can’t see, who is left in the building & where. This critical component strengthens the resilience needed for the safety of responders & the people they serve: greater visibility & mitigated safety risks. Saving time saves lives.

The Bottom Line:
Changing the Cost Paradigm

Our solutions include a cloud-based platform data delivery service with Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription model that meets the needs and budgets of small, medium & large organizations. SaaS offers a much lower cost of entry and measureable ROI. On-site initial investments are typically higher. Organizations can save as much as 65% of infrastructure, 27% of software, 45% of system & 76% of labor costs adopting subscription models.

Open Infrastructure:
Self-sustaining and Interoperable

Our infrastructure and delivery platform easily integrates with other security systems including specialized “dual-function” device capabilities for high value asset tracking, climate control and other critical facility events. Our solutions are open, interoperable and use API’s that can integrate with other applications – solutions that grow with you.