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We Believe You Can Protect And Serve All Citizens

Agencies can provide outstanding service by re-directing selected inbound contacts
into a digital interaction with a multi-lingual VOICE, MOBILE & WEB virtual investigator.

Re-Direct Select 911 Calls

Citizen Phone Reporting

Case Service

CASE SERVICE is a revolutionary non-emergency reporting platform that is cloud hosted by Microsoft, highly secure, and CJIS compliant. CASE SERVICE leverages advanced security protocols and FIPS 140-2 application level data encryption.

Using the spoken word, mobile applications, and the website, your department can allow citizens to start a police report, stop anywhere in the reporting process, and complete it in any of the communication mechanisms at any time during the reporting process. All report information is compiled by the system and presented to the law enforcement agency for its review and approval prior to data transfer to its existing system.

CASE SERVICE robust system knowledge engages the citizen with the same investigative techniques used by law enforcement in a dynamic and responsive reporting interaction that prevents citizen reporting errors.

How are you handling the increase in Non-Emergency Crimes?

In the last five years, there has been a drastic increase in the amount of non-emergency crimes requiring a police report for documentation purposes. These non-emergency reports dictate how your police agency functions. They shouldn’t. Citizens also shouldn’t have to wait to have their needs met.

Case Service

How it Works

  1. FIRST CALL RESOLUTION: One platform handles first-call-resolution for citizen requests using the flexible means that they use to ask for help (telephone, web, mobile and text).
  2. CASE RAPID VOICE: Allows you to offload non-emergency calls at the dispatch center, or publish direct-dial instructions for those citizens who need help with a non-emergency incident.
    1. Calls are routed through call takers or 911, the call-triage takes place as always.
    2. Transferred calls are greeted and interact with the "virtual investigator" at the heart of the CASE SERVICE. This multi-lingual voice application supports a number of languages beyond English and Spanish.
    3. Text-to-speech is combined with automated speech recognition and audio transcription to gather incident information from the citizen.
  3. CASE NUMBER MOBILE: The ultimate Mobile application to handle Text-to-911, and capture voice, images, and the citizen's location.
  4. CASE WEB ( Simply dynamic, handles responsive reporting, controls active error prevention, and as easy as using Google maps in a light user interface.
  5. ONE Configurable platform to handle voice, mobile, text and web. Increase value and reduce costs with Case Service Our Platform is Configurable to increase value and reduce costs

Increase value and reduce costs with Case Service



  • Instant service for all citizens
  • No computer required to file a report
  • Multi-lingual speech application
  • Configurable; direct dial and call transfer
  • Ask, listen, and record methodology
  • Processing real-time when necessary


  • Text-to-91 I Capable
  • Native ¡OS, and Android apps
  • Capture voice, images, and location
  • Video guided reporting
  • Victim’s Services
  • Agency branded
  • Agency configured
  • 1 app (Case Number) in the app stores


  • Intuitive Google Maps interface for jurisdictional alignment of report filing
  • A regional solution, with individual agency branding
  • Dynamic, responsive reporting
  • Active error prevention
  • Simple, light user interface


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Our Platform Is Configurable to Increase Value and Reduce Costs

Sustain high customer-service levels associated with non-emergency incidents

  • Maintain better availability for patrol response to high priority incidents
  • Perform more crime-detection, crime-prevention and proactive community outreach
  • Streamline internal case-report handling and collaboration
  • Reduce the burden on 911 communications staff and dispatchers
  • Promote greater officer safety & morale despite acute staffing challenges
  • Collect more accurate statistical data for non-emergency incidents
  • Improve opportunities for DOJ-COPS Officer grant awards