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Public Safety

BluTek Solutions Addresses LEA & Public Safety Challenges

  • We Identify, research and converge Emerging Technologies for cost effective solutions
  • We Listen to LEA and Public Safety Leaders for the latest and future challenges
  • We Leverage LEA background and experience for the benefit of public safety
  • We Assist LEA’s and Commercial entities to accomplish more through technology
  • We are in constant R & D-mode for new technologies to answer the needs of LEA's and Security Entities
  • We provide proven tools to deter criminal activity and destructive social behavior
  • We assist in timely resolution of unsolved crimes while allowing for more community policing

Our Advantages are Experience, Knowledge & Research

  • Founded by a Former Chief of Police
  • 30 Year Law Enforcement Leadership Background in Florida and New York
  • Strong LEA, Municipal & Commercial Relationships
  • Municipal, Corporate and Entrepreneurial Experience in Public Safety Sector
  • Diverse Best in Class Offerings with Proven Emerging Technology Solutions
Our Advantages

Our Researched Emerging Technologies are "Best in Class"
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Synthetic DNA Liquid Tracer for Proven Asset Protection, Crime Deterrence & Resolution.



Non-Emergency 911-Call Center Automated Processing & Initial Police Report Processing in Multiple Languages by Phone or Online.

OffSite Vision

OffSite Vision

EmergenZ Real-Time Security & Safety Solutions.



Innovative handheld mobile µ-Raman forensic microscopy for more robust crime scene and/or field-based threat analysis.

Altametry SmartBalloons


Patented Persistent Low Altitude Surveillance Technology.

Social Sentinel

Social Sentinel

Non-Privacy Invasive Automated Alerting Solution improving proactive awareness of potential threats shared on publicly available social media sites.

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