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Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Marathon

Flying a pink balloon in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, Alta's SmartBalloon provided live aerial imaging for the October 2016 Hartford, CT. Marathon with HD quality streaming video sent directly to security command center monitors and to mobile devices.

Low Altitude Surveillance

Persistent Low Altitude Surveillance Completely reshaping the way low-altitude imaging is done, the patented Altametry SmartBalloon™ is helping improve large event monitoring, tactical response & disaster relief.

A Brand New Point of View

A Brand New Point of View

It’s hard to deny that drones are making a big buzz right now. Used for a variety of purposes, both practical and recreational, remote control aircraft are popping up everywhere. But despite the impressive versatility of these propeller-equipped flying devices, some tasks require an altogether different approach to capturing images. Altametry has taken up the task of creating a substitute for the noisy, energy-guzzling drone. Its alternative? The SmartBalloon™, a balloon-driven, low-altitude imaging system that allows you to stay on-station for hours at a time with persistent low altitude surveillance, day and night.

ALTA Tactical SmartBalloon™

Drone imaging can be a good fit for particular applications, but the FAA restrictions (you technically need to have a commercial pilot license to fly a drone) and far shorter amount of flight time, compared to the SmartBalloon™, along with other important factors definitely places limits on the tactical usage of drones when compared with Altametry.

ALTA Tactical SmartBalloon™

ALTA Tactical SmartBalloon™ On Display

The following two video clips were recently assembled from footage shot at our ALTA Tactical SmartBalloon™ deployment for Miami Beach, Florida over Memorial Day Weekend 2016. Both videos are hosted via the Altametry YouTube channel.

ALTA SmartBalloon™ Imagery Samples
Urban Beach Week 2016 - Miami Beach, FL

Highlight reel of select video cuts that briefly showcases the general capabilities of ALTA Tactical SmartBalloons™ for law enforcement & public safety agencies.

Memorial Day 2016
Urban Beach Week 2016 - Miami Beach, FL

Corporate profile reel highlighting the fact that Altametry worked with the City of Miami Beach for Urban Beach Week 2016 to demonstrate the ALTA SmartBalloon™ systems.

No Commercial Pilot’s License Needed

No Commercial Pilot’s License Needed

Altametry Aerostat Systems has completely reinvented the wheel (or perhaps “wing”?) of low-altitude aerial imaging.

The company has designed a zeppelin-like device that allows for a longer flight time, without the noise and cumbersome FAA restrictions of drones, making it a perfect fit for monitoring large sporting & public events, command & control emergency response, television news coverage and law enforcement surveillance.

Unlike their significantly more expensive drone cousins, there is no need for a commercial pilot's license. The ALTA Tactical SmartBalloon™ is on-station in moments and can be operated by as few as two people for up to eight hours before needing fresh batteries. The battery exchange, from being in the sky to the ground and back on-watch, takes as little as ninety seconds to complete, so you rarely miss what you came to monitor.

The Possibilities for This Technology Are Endless

ALTA was involved recently in an interesting event in Miami—a tactical training exercise simulating a hazardous material spill. The objective of this simulation was to see how teams would actually respond in this type of dangerous situation. ALTA Tactical demonstrated its ability to give the emergency response authorities a unique command & control tool that allowed them to have a "Birds Eye" view of for the many hours of the exercise, even on their smart phone devices.

The Link below will send you to a Power Point Presentation providing video imaging from the Altametry Aerostat platform:

View Presentation

The Possibilities for This Technology Are Endless

Altametry TriVu Imaging System

Altametry TriVu Imaging System

Devices such as ALTA’s Tactical SmartBalloons™ are deployed in a wide range of fields, including event monitoring, tactical and disaster response and traffic analysis. Sports fans might even have spotted the innovative devices floating above the FSU vs. Miami college football game, in October 2015, where ALTA was tasked by law enforcement with shooting aerial images of the game crowd tailgating, converging on the stadium and later departing. The video of the after-game crowd was particularly impressive, since the HD quality footage was shot 150' above ground in the darkened skies of Tallahassee.

Altametry BatVu systems include FLIR infrared night-vision capability and an array of video and audio support systems, as required.

Images are from the Altametry TriVu Imaging System,
400 Feet above the recent Tortuga Music Festival, in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Tortuga Music Festival Tortuga Music Festival Tortuga Music Festival