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Say Goodbye to Monitoring.
Say Hello to Social Threat Intelligence.

Spending hours slogging through social media sites. Forget about blogs! Staring at a blank page trying to come up with keywords. Filtering through thousands of unrelated messages in your geofence (Really? More messages about coffee?).

That's not intelligent or efficient.

We are here to help you have better insight, oversight, and resource management.

We're Social Sentinel®

Be Alerted to Threats Shared on Social Media

Critical information that can enhance your ability to identify risks, assess threats, and manage events is being shared—publicly—right now.

Social Sentinel® helps safety and security officials better protect their communities by alerting officials to threats shared publicly via social media.

The Social Sentinel® service aggregates data via key phrases, hashtags, geofences, our proprietary Local+™ algorithm, and other unique methods of working with meta-data in real-time to help officials identify and mitigate threats, reduce crime, and bring actionable intelligence to evolving situations.

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